Do you think referred business is usually the best business?

If your answer to this questions is “Yes”, then you’re in the right place and you should come along and meet everyone at Network Scunthorpe, the region’s best networking group. You will be assured of a very warm welcome and an opportunity to network with like-minded local business people, who are all looking to help each other grow their businesses.

Network Scunthorpe

Network Scunthorpe was founded by four business people from Scunthorpe.  They had been members of various networking groups and believed passionately in the real benefits of networking and word-of-mouth referrals.  They had become increasingly frustrated by the nature of other networking groups and so decided to start a new group. From experience of other networking groups and meetings, we know which features work in generating more business for the members and which features do not work. In developing Network Scunthorpe, we have pulled together all the positive features, leaving out the negative, thus striving to create a truly enjoyable and effective networking experience.