Fortnightly Breakfast Networking Meeting

This provides a regular and professional environment for businesses to get together, without any pressure, to network and develop strong relationships. We meet in the mornings at 7.15am to ensure we do not eat into the working day.

All Membership Funds are held within the group for the benefit of the group

This is means that all membership funds are paid into the group’s bank account and used for purposes decided upon and agreed by the group itself. No funds are being paid to any “central office”, any individual or any organisation because there are no such bodies. All monies are kept by the group and used for the group.

A Relaxed and Friendly Approach to Networking

We understand that for new-comers to networking, attending a meeting can be a daunting prospect. You may have been to visit another networking group and found the experience a turn-off. We can assure you, Network Scunthorpe is very different. We encourage a relaxed and friendly environment for the meeting, as we have found this best ensures an effective and professional networking group.

Only 1 Person Per Profession/Trade Can Join

This ensures that no member has any competition in the group and that you can effectively lock-out your competitors from the group. This works and ensures that members are directing their referrals in a particular business category to only one member.

Annual Membership Fee Only £150

Because the group is run on the above basis, membership fees can be low. Unlike other groups, Network Scunthorpe does not charge a joining fee. We see no reason for and cannot justify charging a joining fee to members.

No Pressure...

As part of Network Scunthorpe you will get to know and trust other professional business people, who will ultimately be happy to recommend your products and services. These strong relationships will ultimately generate referrals for you. Network Scunthorpe has no interest whatsoever in pressurising members to come up with referrals. Our experience from other networking groups is that members do not respond positively to this sort of approach. We encourage members to develop strong relationships with each other, which result in the passing of quality referrals.